Every client has their own dedicated Business Development Executives assigned to service and deliver the project, who will in turn be overseen by a Team Leader.

TMKT’s personnel are broadly divided into the following 3 groups.

Company Management


Team Leaders

To maintain and manage quality, TMKT’s client accounts are broken down into manageable teams. The team leaders are responsible for ensuring individual targets are met without compromising quality whilst managing and delivering their own key client accounts.

Responsibilities also include the regular attendance of TMKT client project meetings to review feedback, suggesting and implementing any required changes to the direction of the project.

Business Development Executives

Their responsibility is to build relationships with prospects for our clients and identify opportunities in order to qualify if they are suitable for our clients to meet. They are responsible for regular client communication and all aspects of agreed administration associated with their projects.

Careers at TMKT

We look for individuals with a proven track record of experience in business to business relationship development that possess good management skills. Training provided by TMKT is designed to develop our staff so that they are highly proficient in their specialist sectors in order to ensure that delivery quality is maintained.

Those looking for further information relating to a career at TMKT need to contact